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Zombies!!! + Zombies!!! 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 6, 10, 12 for Tabletop Playground

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Created by Duranu (mod ID: 78997)

Zombies!!! + Zombies!!! 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 6, 10, 12 History

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Feb 11 2020 - 2.1

Fixed Card Holder Max Card Size so hands work properly.
Bug I can't figure out, Green and Blue have to click their colored holders and manually set their hand in the right click menu before drawing a card.

Feb 9 2020 - 2.0

Added Zombies!!! 12 Zombie Zoo, Cage texture is broken but should fix automatically when Alpha mapping is added to game, this is the last expansion I have files for, If I obtain the rest I will add them or if someone can provide good quality files for the missing expansions I will add them in and be sure to credit you

Feb 7 2020 - 1.X

Added Zombies!!! X Feeding the Addiction!, I still have files for one more expansion after this, if anyone can provide good quality files for the missing expansions I will gladly add them

Jan 31 2020 - 1.6

Added Expansion Zombies!!! 6 Six Feet Under.
I do not have files for Zombies!!! 5 School's Out Forever, if someone has scans/files and able to provide them or point me in the right direction I can add it in.

Jan 29 2020 - 1.4

Added Zombies!!! 4 The End... Expansion, Disabled snapping for all objects except Map Tiles

Jan 28 2020 - 1.3.5

Added Zombies!!! 3 Mall Walkers Expansion and Zombies!!!3.5 Deck expansion, access all in the same state with Zombies!!! 1-3.5 Save state

Jan 28 2020 - 1.1

Now includes Zombies!!! 2 Zombie Corps(e) Expansion, as well as snapping for map tiles making it easier to build your map as the game progresses, Zombies!!! 1 is located in Initial Setup by itself, Zombies!!! 1 + Zombies!!! 2 are in the "with Zombies!!! 2" save state

Jan 21 2020 - 1.01

Forgot to add dice like a moron, Dice has been added for each player

Jan 21 2020 - 1.0