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Text Display (Usernames, Objectnames, etc.) for Tabletop Playground

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Published by Rebe1 (mod ID: 1501311)


A small script that will display the Username above the players Card Holder (aka 'Hand' in TTS).
The script file itself has instruction on how to modify/move/rotate the Display (you can view it with any editor, can be done partially through added buttons).

Can be used up to 16 times (16 Players) in the same game, just make sure to change the Slot-Number according to the Player Color. Player Colors can be changed and will not break the script, so feel free to pick the colors you like.

Script can be attached to any object you like. For example, Player Miniature or Avatar. Make sure to change the actual Text within the Script if you want a custom text displayed.

Slot 0 is the first color in the Player Colors list (Player 1),
Slot 1 is the second color in the Player Colors list (Player 2),

Player Colors list can be viewed in-game via:
- Right-Click -> Session Options -> Player Colors
(alternatively: Right-Click -> Player Options)

Something I might add:
- Color of the Username according to the users Card-Holder color, for easier recognizability
- buttons for Rotation
- buttons/slider for Player Slot
- presice adjustability via input fields
- maybe additional Tools to set Healthbar/Counter/Effects, expandable

- buttons for FontSize added
- added (hideable) buttons for freely adjustable position of the Username




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If there are any issues or wishes, comment here or reach me via Discord. I will make sure to update and extend. Rebexus#1391