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A solo game of survival and revenge

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Not all adventures end well. Some parties meet their untimely demise at the hands of monsters all too soon and Unbroken is a story of one such ill-advised expedition. The player takes on the role of the sole survivor of such failed adventure. Finding themselves in hostile territory, weak and wounded, the players will need to gather their wits and strength, craft weapons from scraps found around them and attempt to tackle progressively more challenging monsters on their way out of this forsaken place.

Unbroken is a solo card game that is quick to set up and play but one that will produce a tense challenging experience.

There are a variety of monsters that produce unique challenging depending on the combination in which you encounter them

The game throws a real challenge at you, but you will get better with every game you play, learning how to best prepare

You have several choices in how you overcome your foes including trickery, combat or use of skills

Unbroken is a game of calculated risk – how much danger will you put yourself in to have a chance of surviving?

It’s all about the resource management. Unbroken rewards strategy and preparation with only a small element of luck.

Click HERE for the Rulebook.

MODDER DISCLAIMER: This mod was created with permission by the designer and the publisher. This mod has the only objective to introduce the game to new players and to give the possibility for owners of the game to be able to play online.

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Mod Credits:
Nord's Tenderizer 3D Model by Ole Gunnar Isager
Warhammer 3D Model by Ole Gunnar Isager
The Broken Blade 3D Model by Lance
Old Broken Shield 3D Model by DasanAlonso

Original Game Credits:
Original Game Design by Artem Safarov.
Check full game credit list at the Rulebook.
Copyright © 2016-2018 by Altema Games and Golden Bell Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.




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dunetap @dunetap

This game is amazing! I had a question though...

I was playing and rolled a one on the first level. However, I dont see a 1 result but I do see two 6 results. A similar situation for level 2; there are 2 monsters marked with 5 but no monster marked with 6. Is this on purpose?