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Proudly brought to you by the team at Half-Monster Games

In this hilarious debating game you, as Doctors of the undetermined olde times, attempt to treat each other’s disgusting Ailments with some of the most gruesome and spine-tingling Cures in history, derived from the finest medical science of the age:

The game is played in real time, with all Doctors presenting and arguing for their Cures to be chosen, even though most of them will be extremely discomforting and, quite frankly, alarming. You'll notice all of the images are from the old times - that's because the treatments and ailments are too! These are real conditions doctors of the past thought people had, and (most disturbingly) genuine procedures they thought would help them.

If you like awesome weird games with fast-paced and fun debates, interesting art, a historical and educational edge (because these are all REAL treatments and ailments from their time!) and lots of replayability, then this game is perfect for you.




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