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Your goal is to be the worst possible political candidate you can be, and debate your friends with randomized word prompts.

Whomever can convince the most Media (the other players!) to vote for them in a series of knockout rounds is the winner, and becomes the President!

Candidates (players) compete in sequential two-person debates. They receive random Policy cards which they'll need to combine with a shared Topic card that is drawn for them each round. Both players have 30 seconds to present their combination - which could be something like "The internet... is a left-wing conspiracy" or "The poor... are a threat that will be met with fire and fury!" - and argue their point to try and win over the audience. Funny, inventive and ridiculous arguments are best.

The game ends when all players have debated the person sitting on either side of them. The player who won the most debates is the President. If multiple players have won the same number of debates, these winners then debate each other, until there is an ultimate debate, and the final vote is chosen.




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