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Hiilimonoksidi @hiilimonoksidi

Like others have said, the infection deck is incorrect. Here's how to fix it yourself:
1. Open the Editor, select Pandemic and "Duplicate selected package"
2. Select "Infection Cards" from the object list and click "Edit selected object"
3. Above the list of cards, click "Remove selected card" (the minus sign) until there is only one card left
4. Slide the "Image Index" slider to 1
5. Click "Add a new card with the next possible index" (the plus sign) until there are 48 cards
6. Click "Save" and "Back"
7. Click "Preview package or create start states" and "Load game" and load the starting state you want to fix
8. Delete the infection deck from the board, open the Object Library and place the fixed deck back on the board
9. Right-click anywhere and click "Save State", "Save" and yes to overwrite.
10. Repeat steps 7-9 if you want to fix all the starting states
11. Exit to the menu. Now you can load your version with a fixed infection deck

RelativeExpert @relativeexpert

This version of the game has duplicate cards and missing Cards - I fixed this in my version of the upload.

Splii @splii

How do you split the deck in 5 stacks. There should be any way right? I dont want to move each card every time to split 5 stacks.

Tyrionlordaxe @tyrionlordaxe

Pandemic mod: Manila x2 Jhakarta X2 CairoX2 Karachi X2 Atlanta X2 Milan X2 Bogota' X2 Khartoum X2,
Missed: Shangai, Seul, Taipei, Deli, Kolkata, San Pietrobourg, MExico City, Buenos Aires