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Published by Blamowizard (mod ID: 1095983)


Enjoy Magic Origins with friends right away with the included preconstructed Intro Packs, or set up a limited or constructed game with the included deck building save states.

This package contains the following objects (numbered, named, and tagged):

  • all 288 Magic Origins cards (ORI)
  • 15 token cards (TORI)
  • 53 promo cards (PORI)
    • +6 Clash Pack promo cards (CP3)
    • +5 special Comic-Con promos of the five planeswalkers (PS15)

All cards are individual objects that work great in the object browser. Double-sided cards are properly double-sided. Cards are sized to their IRL dimensions, and currently use .pngs from Scryfall. Cards have snap points, making it possible to stack them without completely covering the bottom card.

If this gets attention, I may make other sets. Let me know if you like it!

Deck building save states have a modified copy of Card Chooser; credits for the script and idea go to DieKatzchen.




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