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MMM: Formal Gardens Terrain for Tabletop Playground

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Meeple's Miniature Miscellany: Formal Gardens Terrain

An assortment of 28mm-scale terrain for wargames and skirmish games, themed around a set of formal gardens.

This is a work in progress and currently in beta, but the parts seem good enough to release at least. More parts and better texturing hopefully to come!

All parts are configured as Ground objects so remember to switch to Ground Mode (G key) to place and move them. Once you're done they shouldn't get in the way of moving models around.

Kit parts

Some terrain pieces (currently the canals, walls and hedges) snap together to let you build bigger pieces. The snap points produce a tight fit which can lead to the parts bouncing off each other. If you find this happening, lower your hold height (ctrl+mousewheel) so the part you're moving isn't being dropped into place.

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