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Welcome to Marvel Champions - The Card Game!

This is an atempt to replicate the original product as much as possible, to get that feel that you are playing the real deal.

In this modul you will find everything needed to setup and play a game of Marvel Champions - The Card Game.

If you know the rules, it will be an ease for you to setup and begin playing. For new players "Learn to Play" rules are included.

I will add more "Hero Packs", "Scenario Packs" & "Expansion Packs" later, when Fantasy Flight Games add more cards for digital purpose.

Please support Fantasy Flight Games and buy this awesome cardgame from your local gamestore or online at their website.

Please comment if you have any questions, feedback for improvements etc etc.

Below are the asset included in this set: (All assets from the real card came)

  • 5 CORE Heroes - Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ironman, She-Hulk, Capian Marvel.
  • 3 CORE Villains and their campaign scenarions - Rhino, Klaw & Ultron.
  • 7 CORE Modular Encounters to customize the campaigns - Standard, Expert, Bomb Scare, Legions of Hydra, Masters of Evil, Doomsday Chair, Under Attack)
  • 5 CORE Aspects sets - Leadership, Protection, Justice, Aggression & Basic
  • ALL CORE Playmats for Heroes & Encounter - Playmats comes with snap-points and guides for cards and without (Clean) for your option to play your way.
  • ALL CORE Tokens, Conditions, Counters - Damage, Threat, Accelerated, First Player, Generic, Stunned, Tough, Confused & Health Trackers
  • NEW Hero Tokens - for general use, place on board for an more graphic presentation etc (scripted, keep track of hero health).
  • NEW Scripted Villain-tokens/figures. Health (UI) have been added, - + and <> (inc and dec of max health, for upgrades that increase health etc).
  • UPDATED Save-States for all files, with new Hero & Villan Tokens.
  • NEW - Save-State with all Aspect-cards merged (upto MC14en) for easy deckbuilding.
  • (you need to have dowloaded all HERO packs and RED SKULl expansion to be able to load this save-state.)

Enjoy Marvel Champions - The Card Game!











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Lanero @lanero

info regarding the savestate with all aspectcards.

1. The idea here is that you inspect the aspect deck loaded. (all 5 are separated on the board).
2. Search for the card you want.
3. Drag it out of the deck to an new deck.
4. Rince and repeat until you have all cards you want.
5. Load up the Hero cards (15), and merge with your new aspect deck.
6. Store this deck local on your PC and just load it up when you want to play with it in an scenarion.

Thanks! and feel free to PM me if you have any questions or feedback.


Lanero @lanero

I have got some questions regarding how to add Hero packs/Scenario mods to Core game (MC01en).

Here is a guide on how to load in Hero/Scenario mods in to core set:
1. Start a game with the Core set and load in the "Default" savestate.
2. When you have loaded the "Default" savestate, simply right click anywhere.
3. Select "Object Library".
4. Click the "Add Library" button.
5. Choose the Hero/Scenario package you want to add.
6. Then just click the "Add selected package".
7. Then Click "Return to Library".
8. Now the Hero/Scenario package is available to the Core set and you can include it in the game.
(Just right click on table and incluide whatever you need from the newly added packs via "Object library")

Thanks for support and feel free to ask any questions, here or via PM.