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Published by Duranu (mod ID: 81902)


Your quiet afternoon playing video games is interrupted by a whirring noise and a loud bang!

You rush to the window and look. Out on the neighboring field you see it - A large flying saucer and dozens of angry looking MARTIANS!!! Well, at least your day won’t be boring! You take it upon yourself to save mankind. You just need to find the Mothership and blow it up. Simple as that! And then you’ll be a hero, just like in the videogames!

Martians!!! can be played as a semi-cooperative game (one player plays the Martians, and the other players try to stop him or her) or non-cooperatively (completely competitive—every man for himself!).

All content for the game is inside the box, Start by pulling out the Rulecard, Event Cards, Main Cards, and Map Tiles (should come out of box in this order automatically), The Item Tokens, Crop Circle Tokens, and the Alien Figures are already in containers on the table, these containers are set to Random pick up so you shouldn't have to take them out and shuffle them together but you can if you want (Shuffle All item tokens together in one stack, and all Crop Circle Tokens together in another stack do not mix them). Give the rules a read over and make sure everyone understands the rules, Starting amount of Hearts and Bullets are already set up in each players spot, just pick which player token you want to use and place it on the center of the starting square tile.

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