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The Astral Plane's Favorite Pastime

The smell of roasted peanuts in the air, the taste of a warm ballpark frank, the sound of the pipe organ playing away, and the sight of two teams playing a magically charged game of Mageball as the runner gets encased in a block of arcane ice. This is the experience every spectator of this fine sport relishes above all else. This is Mageball, a magical game where Casters, Thinkers, and Meatheads alike get together and prove they can out-magic each other while batting balls out of the park. Fireballs will be thrown, tornados will be summoned, and a victor will be crowned.

Mageball: The Arch-League is a 2 Player competitive fantasy baseball strategy simulator game with a magical twist. You take on the role of a Mageball Manager as you and your opponent take command of a team of 12 Unique Mageball Players, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, magical spells, and fully illustrated cards. Strategize by placing your players in key positions on the field, cast devastating spells on the field to slow down your opponent, and outplay each other as you both compete to see who will be victorious on the magical sandlot.

Build your team. Devise your strategy. Cast your spells. PLAY BALL!

  • Open Source Rules
  • Baseball Recreated with a Magical Twist
  • Intense Batter vs Pitcher card mechanics
  • 80 Unique Spells





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