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I hope you remember the great movie “Inception”. Cobb and his team of Extractors are offered a job to implant an idea into a person´s mind by infiltrating his dreams. The target is Fischer and the client is Saito, who will profit greatly from Fischer's new “idea”. The reward: a lot of money and the chance for Cobb to return home to see his children. But to plant a thought deep enough into someone´s mind, you´ll have to go very deep. A dream within a dream… within another dream. And if you die in a dream, you´ll end up in Limbo and probably go mad.

Guide Cobb and his team through the different dream levels. Recruit your team members and sedate Fischer in the waking reality. Step deeper into his dreams, plant Inceptions, and prepare for the final Kick that´ll bring the team back home. Fight against attackers, Cobb's adversaries and Fischer´s “dream police”. Cobb´s wife Mal will show up and try to stop the team. And some of your team might end up in Limbo and have to be saved first before they can return to reality.

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Designer: Lines J. Hutter




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