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From Boardgame Geeks:

Come and enjoy our cute, cutthroat, family friendly, card game where our dragons will...

Welcome you to the high fantasy world of Vallhyn. You will roam the countryside in search of treasure because you are a dragon — a young dragon, that is. You and your friends have just been kicked out of the nest for eyeing your parents' treasure hoards. The problem with being young is that you don't always succeed in your quest to find treasure, which often leads to havoc. To make matters worse, you must compete for the best loot with your friends by engaging in hijinks.

Havok & Hijinks is a fast-paced, light strategy card game that pits you against your friends in a race for the first respectable treasure hoard. Each turn starts with a quest for treasure that could lead to Havok like loot-hungry adventurers or beneficial heat waves. Engage in Hijinks by stealing and breaking your friend's shiny treasures or defending your own. When a dragon has a hoard with a value of 15 or more, it wins!

Rules on Boardgame Geek.

Designer: Adam Ferrel Trzonkowski




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