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Miner Ware: How to play

Learn how to play Miner Ware!

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Want to know how to play Miner Ware? Well good for you, here is the guide! Now learn how to play!

Your Turn:

During your turn, you have 3 actions. They are:

Roll the dice. If you get 1-3, draw out of the left deck. If you get 4-6, draw from the right deck. It's best to get 2 kind of markers and mark which deck is which. The left deck has coal, silver, and gold, while the right has gold, ruby, and diamonds.


Smelt an object. You need at least one peace of coal to do this. Wait a turn after smelting. Once you have anouther turn, put the card back in the deck you grabbed it from. You must then reshuffle the deck. When smelting daimonds or emeralds, wait two turns. You will get money after smelting. P.S. You may do anouther action after you finish smelting.


Grab a piece of coal from the left deck. You will need one to smelt things. Use card explorer to grab it. Then exit card explorer and reshuffle the deck. You may not do anything else this turn.

On The Concept Of Money:

When you finish smelting, pick up the amount of doller cards adjacent to the number displayed here. Coal= 1 dollar (You can sell coal without smelting it) Silver: 2 Dollers. Gold: 3 dollars. Ruby: 5 dollers. Diam dollers.

How To Win:

Have 20 Dollers (half of them) or the most money to win! If muiltiple people have 20 dollers, then whoever has more is the winner.


You cannot put daimonds or rubys back into the deck. Instead, discard them from the game.

You Cannot cheat. If you do, you cannot perticapate in the current game and will lose all of your money. The money goes back to the money card stack.

Now since you know all the rules, you can make your own strategy to win!


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