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Created by DashXero (mod ID: 86963)


Girls with Icky Things is a Tactical Fighting Card Game. It feels odd to say that. It started as a series of digital paintings I posted online years ago in an attempt to improve at making digital art, and, through various twists of fate, now stands before us as a card game. Life takes us to interesting places - that's for certain.

State of the Game

This is a Testing Demo. The game is currently in a rough state and needs LOTS of testing and fine-tuning. The game is currently in a pre-alpha state. Card art for three of the Girl-Creature teams is in.

There are currently three Girls available: Vespid the Sadistic Wasp Sorceress, Anura the Jaunting Frog Dancer, and Deca the Ruthless Crab Assassin. Some abilities are flat-out busted right now, and some are probably way too weak. That's life. They will likely be normalized as development continues.

Matches are meant to be short and brutal. However, I would ask that you steel yourselves and not give in to despair when situations look their worst. And, though you may not always win, I hope that you will accept whatever results await you with grace.

Please enjoy, and thank you for playing Girls with Icky Things.

- DashXero






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