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Gaia Project (2017) for Tabletop Playground

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Published by OmniPersei (mod ID: 1783213)


Official website where you can buy physical version. BGG Link.

This is better version than in TTS because all tiles can be actually stacked and shuffled. Also shapes are more accurate: correct corner roundings.

Module contains:

  • Base Game. All white borders (scanning and positioning artifacts) of decks and tiles cropped out. Components count checked against official components list in rules. Incorrect shape of "Brainstone", not enough references to model it.

Game components for solo play included in this module.

Do not forget to write in comments if you have better scans or found error, know how to do better!
Also if you want to enhance this version, do not create new one. Write about it in comments, we will discuss how to better implement your enhancement, you will be added as coauthor of this module.

Additional Credits
Noguchi Coffee Table by 3D Mädchen (
Black bowl by Världskulturmuseerna (

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Sadly all available scans of this game with noticeable scanline scanning artifacts.
You will not find anywhere correct scans unless you do them by yourself.
Easily make scans for module production of game components, Easily take photos for module production of game components.

For reference
gaia project losetas tecnologia
gaia project losetas tecnologia 1











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