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Created by Covington90 (mod ID: 94964)


Welcome and thank you for trying my card game. this game has been in the works as a physical copy game for 2 years now and with TTP I truly hope more players can try it and help me make an even better version of the game. We are currently in the works of getting a graphic artist to make personalized are for every single card but until that time, we have google generic images I do not in any way own the copyrights to any of these images and if asked will remove or alter them. they are currently just a place holder to help players identify cards from a distance. this game was loosely based off of and greatly inspired by Pandemic by Zman games.

the Rules on how to play are also inside the notes section of the game, just download the mod boot up TTP start a game with the Start State save, open the notes and go to town!


Welcome to EPIDEMIC the card game. you and the other players around you have each contracted a deadly disease. Your objective is to gain 7 Cure Cards turn them in to Cure your disease. Then reduce your Infection Counter to 0 (Zero). First player to do both WINS!

The Person who was most recently and most severely sick goes first. In the event of a tie, the eldest Player goes first.

Suffle the Role Card Pile.
Each Player draws a Role Card at random and places it to the left of their Infection Counters.
Suffle the Draw Pile.
Each Player draws 3 (Three) cards if any INSTANT cards are drawn palce them in the Discard Pile.
Once each Player has drawn 3 cards suffle the discarded INSTANT cards back into the deck.
Each Players Maximum Starting Hand Size is 7

Gain 1 Infection Counter (This is what the dice are for)
Use up to 4 Actions.
Discard down to Maximum Hand Size
Pass Turn.

Playable Actions:
Draw a card
Play a card
Remove an Infection Counter from Target Player
Add an Infection Counter to Target Player
Cure your Disease! (Discard 7 Cure Cards at once.)

How to WIN!
A Player must discard 7 Cure (white) Cards at once to Cure their disease. Then must reduce the number of Infection Counters to 0 (Zero) in order to win.
A Player can only reduce their Infection Counters to 1 (One) unless they heave cured their disease.

All cards are drawn one at a time if any player draws an Instant card they must immediately resolve the effects fo that card before play resumes.

If you play a card that lets you draw a card(Ex. Breakthrough, Helping Hand) the drawn card does not count as an Action.

At the end of a players turn if they have 20 or more Infection Counters they lose the game. That player then puts their hand and all cards, except their Role Card, on the field under their control into the discard pile.





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