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Published by Banbury (mod ID: 2125732)


This is a simple programming game, based on similar physical programming toys.

Cubicle, a cute little 'robot', can be remote controlled by a programm, consisting of movement tiles. There are six different tiles:

  • Arrow in a box: This is the start of the programm. Other tiles can be snapped to the right of it.
  • Straight arrow: Moves the robot one inch forward.
  • Left arrow: Rotates the robot 90° to the left.
  • Right arrow: Rotates the robot 90° to the right.
  • F<n>: Calls a subroutine
  • F<n> in a box: This is the start of a subroutine. This works like the start tile. There are four subroutines F1-F4.
    • Subroutines can call other subroutines.
    • You can create a loop, but there is no way to stop it, except removing the tile from the programm.

Beginning with the start tile place tiles to the right. Make sure the tiles are snapped. To create more tiles, copy and paste the existing tiles.

You can replace Cubicle by deleting the game object and adding a new object with the tag 'robot'. There can only be one robot at a time.

There is a default game included, that should give you an idea, how the programming works.




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