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Coming soon to Kickstarter!

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CobbleCritters is a collectible card game filled with humor and heart that anyone can learn.

Each epic battle in CobbleCritters pits you and another Critter Tamer against each other in a speedy, wild monster bash. Recruit a dynamic cast of Critters to battle with, and then equip and support them with Hijinks, Trinkets, and Events.

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In CobbleCritters, you’ll duel another Tamer for control of the Cavern, a mystical space filled with powerful Crystals. By destroying enemy Critters, you’ll score precious Crystals and grow closer to victory!

You have two separate decks — a Critter Deck and a Special Deck. Each turn, you refill your entire 6-card hand!

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Critters are your enchanted companions. Each has a Star Rank and stats used for battle. Rank up Critters from one to three Stars to strengthen them and take the Caverns!

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Specials are an essential part of any Tamer’s toolkit. Hijinks cast powerful abilities, Events prepare a delayed or passive effect, and Trinkets are equipped to your Critters to empower them.

Rules are available in-game. Pre-made decks are on the bookshelf. Have fun!

Note: This is a work-in-progress version. Pardon our dust!








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