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Published by Wodysus (mod ID: 902401)


A modified version of the example character sheet with extensions.

Current Extensions:

  • DnD Beyond Sync
    • Synchronizes character sheet information with a DnD Beyond character.
    • Can be used once to add information to character sheet or constantly with auto-sync.
    • Usage:
      1. Ensure that your character is set to public on DnD Beyond.
      2. Copy the id of your character, this is the series of numbers at the end of your character sheet's url.
      3. Paste the id of your character into the text box of the extension module.
      4. Snap the extensible character sheet to the extension module.
      5. Press sync to synchronize your character sheet to DnD Beyond!
    • Limitations:
      • Not all traits / feats / races / modifiers and their effects are accounted for, only the ones I encountered and could fix while developing this. If you find one that you would like added, please comment on this page.
      • Custom bonuses and proficiency levels for skills and saving throws are not implemented, may change in the future but unlikely.
      • Homebrew content is probably not going to work correctly.





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