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Bullfrogs for Tabletop Playground

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Published by laxentis1 - learn more (mod ID: 176224)


This mod is the print-and-play version of the game.

Weapons clash, water splashes and the booming battle cries of armored bullfrogs ring out across the moonlit swamp. Amphibian armies leap from lily pad to lily pad in their desperate struggle to win control of the pond.

Suddenly, a shout of triumph rises up. Enough warriors have finally entered battle on a lily pad to dominate the fight and assure victory for their side. Overloaded, the lily pad sinks into the swamp.

Frogs scatter from the sinking lily pad to the surrounding ones, coming to aid their allies or sabotage their foes, their weight causing the lily pads to drift away across the cold, glittering water.

The winning commander must understand the ripple effects of every move and avoid acting to win a single battle at the cost of losing the war.




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