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Boss Monster for Tabletop Playground

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Published by Duranu (mod ID: 82956)

Boss Monster History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash

Apr 20 2020 - 1.3

Added Boss Monsters: Promo/Bonus Cards and Boss Monsters: Legend of the 5-Stars.
Redesigned table layout and swapped table model

Feb 18 2020 - 1.25

Added Alien Treasure Token and Remade other tokens with better textures.
Added Paper & Pixels Booster Pack.

Feb 17 2020 - 1.21

Added 5-6 Player Save State, Fixed 1 more Scaling issue I found, Player Count Chest has been updated with 5-6 Player Decks for each game, Further lowered Table lip, Lowered Walls of Game holder table

Feb 17 2020 - 1.2

Added Item and 5-6 Player Expansions, Fixed all Card Scales, lowered table lip for collision, Adjusted Layout for up to 6 Players, Extra Level up Tokens are in the 5-6 player expansion box, There is currently no Save State for 5-6 Players, just pull the cards from the box (Crash Landing Expansion) and add them to whichever game you are playing for 5-6 players, Next Update will have a Save State for 5-6 players and Extra Player pre-made decks in the Player Count Chest

Feb 13 2020 - 1.1

Added Boss Monster 2 The Next Level, Prebuilt Deck Chest has been updated to include Boss Monster 2 decks, Chest is sorted by Gameboxes with Player Size chests inside each box. Each state, 2-4 players, starts with Boss Monster 1 already set up on the table, just read the rules, shuffle the cards and go.

Feb 12 2020 - 1.0

Release Version, Please let me know if you have any issues