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Awkward Arms and Armour for Tabletop Playground

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Proudly brought to you by the team at Dual Wield Shields

An (im)mature party game that blends judging the funniest submission with lightweight dungeon crawling.

Each round, one player is the combatant and faces off against a monster. Everyone else crafts weapons using a combination a prefix, a weapon, and a suffix card, placing them face down. The combatant reads the items aloud, selects one that he or she finds the most humorous, and selects one to use for battle. Battle outcomes are determined by rolling a number of custom targeting dice.

Points are earned for defeating monsters as the combatant, creating weapons that are used to defeat monsters, and by creating the most humorous weapons in any given round. Points can be lost by losing to monsters and by defeating adorable creatures worth negative points.

The first player to a pre-determined number of points wins!

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