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Fulfill the wishes of your population by producing ever more luxurious goods.

In Anno 1800, a board game based on the popular PC game from Ubisoft, you continuously build up your own industry to develop your home island.

Ship fleets allow for lively trade and the development of new islands in the Old and New World. You have to fulfill the wishes of your own population. While the inhabitants are initially satisfied with bread and clothing, they soon demand valuable luxury goods. You must plan production chains sensibly and keep an eye on the specialization of your population. The goal: A wise distribution of farmers, workers, craftsmen, engineers, and investors — but the competition never sleeps and can snatch the new achievements from under your nose at any time! Who can create the most prosperous island?


This mod contains all assets except Promo Cards (will be added in future updates)

- Main Resource Mat, Population Cards, Exploration Cards, Old & New World Cards
- Mission Cards
- Player Names displayed above Player Card Holder (aka 'Hand' in TTS)

to be added in future updates:
- Script for Set Up of Population Tokens, dealing Cards to players
- Script for 'Festival' (returning used Tokens to it's appropriate positions)
- Promo Cards

If you like to see any specific features, please comment them and I will try to add them to the mod.


Chimera Table




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